howtogetthemoney.com is a full-service firm specialised in designing and deploying tokenised equity and debt instruments and turnkey-ready enterprise blockchain solutions.

Golden source of data

Real-time transaction & payment processing

Workflow automation

Revision-compliant storage & archiving solution

Innovative financing mechanism

Token Generation Event

Learn about the premier way of next-generation financing: Security Token Offerings (STO). Blockchain technology enables you to collect, process and repay even smallest investments in a frictionless and automated way – from tokenised revenue participation notes to actual equity shares.

An STO is a regulatory-compliant process of raising capital at a fraction of the traditional costs.


Enterprise Blockchains

Distributed ledger and blockchain technology is the panacea to IT as you know it today: blockchains transform legacy systems, the way we share private data, automates manual tasks, rule sets and workflows, enables revision-compliant archiving, instant payments and decentralized identity.

Blockchain technology allows businesses to access a single source of data, enable real-time data processing and transaction automation. In our projects DLT helped our clients to leapfrog competition by taking both internal innovations and external disruption to the next level.



Explore some of our most recent use cases – solutions are mostly industry agnostic and applicable in various scenarios. Each solution is designed specifically for the underlying use case.



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Our Process

  • Explain to us in an initial call what you would like to achieve with blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT)
  • You will be guided through our blueprints to determine where DLT has the most impact on your organisation by one of our solution architects
  • You will receive an initial agenda for the onsite workshop and we will agree on the final contents of the workshop
  • You suggest several dates and times and we will accommodate our schedule to conduct the onsite workshop
  • You will learn about the basics of blockchain and DLT and get insights about current use cases in your industry
  • You will learn about the basic inner workings of the blockchain, distributed ledger technologies and smart contracts
  • You will gain insights into current use cases and active solutions within your industry
  • After learning about DLT and current use cases, we will narrow down potential applications for your company
  • We will document potential use cases and share meeting minutes with you summarizing all findings
  • You will receive the next steps and we will start scoping the feasibility study for you
  • Once the use cases you want to be covered in the feasibility are agreed upon, we will start working on the feasibility report
  • A DLT framework for your project is selected and we draft a initial framework configuration
  • All findings are structured and written up in the feasibility report
  • The feasibility report assesses your use cases from an operational, technological and financial perspective, recommends the selection of a DLT framework for your use case and outlines an initial configuration to go live
  • You receive an exact estimate of time and effort to implement a Proof of Concept or the Token Generation Event when looking at an Initial Coin Offering / Security Token Offering (ICO/STO)
  • After the feasibility report is completed, you will be presented all the findings in a follow-up onsite meeting, you will receive recommendations on what use case to realize first
  • The feasibility report is handed in, you receive next steps with an offer outlining scale and scope of the offer
  • You will receive an agreement that itemizes all milestones, deliverables and action items that are required for your project to succeed
  • Once we agree upon scale and scope of the agreement and the papers are executed, we will get to work and set up everything in out project management tools – you will be able to follow and track all tasks that we perform and receive continuous status reports
  • Once the minimum viable product is live, we will perform a test run with you
  • In case of a token generation event, we have all legal, regulatory and financial issues sorted through
  • Smart contracts issuing tokens are tested and audited by 3rd parties to guarantee the integrity of the smart contracts
  • All collateral and marketing materials are set up and will be presented prior to the official go live