“Every single ‘get the money’ strategy that works today was laid out at our private Bootcamp in Denver.  Now you can re-live it as if you were there, with us, live.”  Susan, GTM Organizer

Finally, the complete System that will elevate Your REI Biz into the Big Leagues!

Enough with the pretend experts, the ‘all-talk’
and nothing to show for it gurus.

It’s time you get real strategies from real investors. 

It’s time for you to



Now’s Your Chance to access, leverage, and profit from
over $100 Million of deal funding experience…

You missed it once, don’t be left out of the Money again.

Listen in as The Private Money Blueprint Team and 4 “Underground” Money Getting Experts Take You Behind The Scenes and Inside of Their Businesses and Give You Their Exact Step-by-Step Systems For Funding Your Real Estate Empire

The 100 available spots for Private Money Blueprint's 1st ever GETTING THE MONEY Bootcamp sold out several weeks before the event – faster than anyone could have predicted. But even if you missed getting a spot for yourself, you still have a chance to listen in on what our ‘in-the-trenches’ BEEN THERE DOING THAT Underground faculty had to say.

In Just 3 Days In Denver Last Year We Hand
Delivered The Tools, Support,
and Funding Contacts To Get Money
For  Your Real Estate Deals For Life!

Now, You Can Get This Exact Same Information and Experience without time, travel, or expenses.

Access The Complete

"Getting The Money"   Bootcamp

on Your Computer Screen


Got Funding Problems Now?

Not for long…

With Step By Step "Money Getting" Guidance
And Direct Deal Funding Contacts And
Actionable Strategies

Contained in the “Getting The Money” Bootcamp That’s about to change, forever.

Getting The Money Bootcamp

To Get Your Special Discount on This Groundbreaking
"Money Getting" Training (just like being there live at the event),
You MUST Invest Now... Details Are Below.

Dear Fellow Real Estate Investor,

The excitement and anticipation is through the roof…

I’ve never seen anything quite like it. At our Live Event in Denver, CO, last year, the attendees at our “Getting The Money” Bootcamp truly experienced LIFE CHANGING, BUSINESS MAKING, and DEAL FUNDING transformation as you’ll see by the comments seen below.

You missed it once, but you don’t have to miss it again!

So if you’re interested in discovering how to get all the money you need for real estate investing – I strongly urge you to read this entire letter right away.

Because I guarantee you the same information, satisfaction, and experience that our attendees had at our live event.

Let me show you what I mean…and why this is the single most important “package” of information and System you’ll ever invest in.  Period.

About the event, and what you have the opportunity to get your hands on…

Where You’ll Discover REAL Secrets To Getting Money From “Underground” Real Estate Investors Who Are ‘In-The-Trenches’ Doing Deals…


You see, most of the events I’ve been to end up being glorified pitches for more expensive products – or as “gurus” call them, upsells.

So when Trevor, Susan, and I first talked about doing a “money getting” Bootcamp – I quickly shot the idea down.

Yet something incredible kept happening: Our private money students were constantly asking us to host an event.

So in this tough market, with most investors struggling to find money for deals, we decided that it was the absolute best time to put together the ultimate money getting event.

Our goal: Was to have every attendee walk away from the event with a full understanding of what actual investors are doing to fund their deals… and to show you how to use those exact techniques to turbo-charge your real estate business.

The event provided a seasoned pro or a complete newbie to walk out with everything they need to know to get deals funded right away... whether you had cash, credit, experience... or NOT.

So we opened our Rolodexes, made some calls, and decided to do something a bit unusual…


In Addition To The PMBP Team, We Put Together An Exclusive Line Up Of “Underground” Investors Who Are Kicking Butt In Today’s Difficult Real Estate Market

If you expect a program with famous “gurus” giving canned speeches… then this system is definitely not for you.

We are going completely “Underground.”

Our ENTIRE PMBP faculty (Trevor, myself, and Susan) are going to teach you everything we know about how to fund your deals...

... but we also brought along our personal friends and lending sources from our own rolodexes to show you step by step exactly how they're funding their deals in today's market.

In fact, it’s likely you’ve never heard of any of the presenters. That’s because these are everyday real estate investors – out there in the trenches – just like you and me.

But here’s the thing. Every single guest "underground" speaker is super-successful and making a killing in real estate. You’ll learn funding strategies such as private money, hard money, hedge funds, conventional IRAs (your own or someone else’s) and syndications, to name a few.

The best part, each investor is going to share the REAL secrets of their success in their businesses.

No theories. No vague concepts. We’ve convinced them to show you exactly how their strategies work.

But before I tell anymore about the Getting the Money recording collection, I first want to tell you what I think about most real estate investing events...

Ordinary Events Are Nothing More Than "Feel Good" Pitch Fests For Newbies!

This was NOT an ordinary event. In fact, I hate to even call it an event, a conference, a boot camp or anything that might make you think you've heard of anything like it in the past, EVER.

First of all the "Getting The Money" Bootcamp....

  • Was NOT a Pitch Fest: You won't be pummeled by pitch after pitch and "guru" after guru (in fact, we're going "guru free")!

  • Was NOT a Single REI Strategy Event: In addition to the PMBP team... we've invited 4 of our "underground" investor friends (not gurus... they're normal people doing really well in todays market) who all specialize in a different type of real estate... and different funding strategies for their deals

  • Was NOT a weekend of old out-dated information:  14 Sessions of 100% Brand New "Up To Date Ready To Use Right Now" content and specific current deal "money getting" strategies we have never published or spoke on before

  • 100% Intermediate To Advanced Content.

I guarantee you this... When You invest in the “Getting The Money” Training Collection, You’ll be armed with everything you need to creatively fund and structure your real estate deals (whether you have cash or credit or NOT) and put MASSIVE amounts of deal profits into your pocket.

How can I be so sure (For one, Just look at the Feedback from our Attendees), because without the tactics and direct funding contacts you'll get here I feel sure we would not be doing 95% of the deals we're doing today. It's that big a deal...

And best of all, it's easy...

Let’s get to it…here’s everybody you get to listen to as you relive this groundbreaking event and unprecedented opportunity to learn from “REAL” Investors!

YOUR HOSTS... The Team!

The "Private Money King"
Patrick Riddle

Hey, that’s me! I’m a full-time real estate investor from Charleston, South Carolina where I run my real estate investment business, Palmetto Property Solutions.

If you’ve hung around me at all, you know I’ve raised over $6 million in private money that’s used that to fund over 130 real estate deals.

My focus is on single family and small multi-family deals. I’ve been told I’ve got an unusual approach to building trust and rapport with lenders, and I’m going to share my exact tactics with you.

The bottom line is this – I am so darn good at this, private lenders actually seek me out – I simply do not have to do lender luncheons, outbound marketing, or selling at all.

They don’t call Me the “Private Money King” for nothing, and I’m going to prove it to you. (worth your entire investment 10x over all by it-self, no offense to the other presenters at our Getting The Money Bootcamp.)

PMBP Faculty - Trevor Mauch

Online Lead Generation Strategies
And Entrepreneurship

Trevor Mauch started investing at the age of 21 while in college… purchasing his first 4 unit property with only $600 to his name. He did this when he found out (through the school of hard knocks) how to get private money and how to effectively negotiate seller carry backs with the right seller.

Since then Tevor has become a top internet expert at generating leads online (leads for your real estate business and funding). And he’s become really good at converting his leads through marketing funnels he has personally created over the last few years.

The $26 Million Woman - Susan Lassiter-Lyons

Susan Lassiter-Lyons is a seasoned investor who has generated over $26 million in loans to real estate investors. Heck, she raised over $5 million in private money over the past 12 months alone. She’ll walk you through the whole process… she’s really knows her stuff!

Susan has been an active real estate investor since the mid-1990’s. She specializes in bulk REO packages and commercial real estate.

Meet Our Multi-Million Dollar
"Undgerground" Investors

Each speaker you’re about to meet is an expert on a different funding strategy. Whether you do Single Family Homes, REOs, Short Sales, Large Multi-Family, Development, Bulk REO Packages, Commercial Properties, Mini-Storage, or something in between – we’ve got you covered. Heck, we’re even bringing in our SEC attorney. He’ll answer all your questions so you are always compliant and never, ever, get in trouble with the SEC.


Denver’s “Boutique Apartments”
and Private Equity Investments Insider

Denver, Colorado has some pretty darn successful real estate investors and developers (many of which will be in our audience as event attendees). But, our next guest “underground” investor… Paul Barrow gives everyone else in the area a run for their money.

Paul Barrow is a local Denver real estate investor, lender and syndicator. His company specializes in private equity investments and adaptive-use residential projects. His resume includes more than 150 properties in central Denver since 2003, and Paul maintains an extensive portfolio of urban properties for rental income and redevelopment.

Paul has also recently been an investor and member of the management team at Portus Real Estate Private Equity Funds, a developer of Boutique Apartments™ in Denver, CO. The firm purchases and remodels multi-family projects in Denver’s urban infill neighborhoods, many utilizing green building techniques.

His previous experience also includes representing business owners and property owners to federal, state and local governments as a registered professional lobbyist for 12 years. Paul lives in Denver with his wife and two children and spends all his free time worshiping the Colorado blue skies on his mountain bike or skis.


The $40 Million - 2,000 Unit Multi-Family Prodigy

I know... I know... calling someone “Mr. X" is really corny... I hate it too. But, the truth is... we talked our friend into coming to share how he's funding his 150+ unit multi-family deals with little to none of his own money... and frankly he said under one condition...

... that we can't use his name on our event description website (this site) because he has to tightly control his online brand... so when the big banks (like Fannie Mae for a recent multi-million refinance he just closed) search his name for due diligence they don't get the impression that he is a "guru"... banks don't like "gurus"... and "Mr. X" is as far from that as possible (he's never taught on a real estate stage ever before).

So, until you meet him in person in Denver... he's "Mr. X" ... – The 2,000 Unit 31 Year Old “Multi-Family Prodigy” who I personally call a great friend.

Simply put, he’s speaking as a HUGE favor to me, and you won’t believe his story…

“Mr. X” is a 31 year old Brazilian immigrant now living in Dallas, Texas. Starting from scratch (he had nothing, nada, zilch!) in 2007, he has become a large scale multi-family property investor focusing on B and C properties in and around Dallas, TX.. He set a “lofty” goal in 2007 to acquire 2,000 multi-family units before the end of 2009. Not only has he met that goal, but he’s exceeded it.

His specialty is acquiring deeply discounted distressed properties direct from banks, using creative deal structuring so he often uses very little of his own cash to close. The value of his real estate portfolio now totals over $40 million.

Let me repeat, Mr. X. started with almost NOTHING and now has a portfolio valued at over $40,000,000!

Mr. X. is a “mainstream” large multi-family investor who focuses on acquiring and repositioning 150+ unit properties and has been featured in national multi-family publications like Multi-Family Executive and written now aims for his Texas based company to own 10,000 units by the end of 2011… all bought at extreme discounts direct from banks… and closed with funding strategies that he’ll teach you at the event.



“Mr. X” Has Been Nationally Recognized by:


Mr. “Hard Money”

Dale Hensel is the former CEO of a public real estate investment firm. There he became a leader in buying bulk packages of properties and/or paper direct from banks. At one point he was purchasing 300 homes/notes a week. That’s not a typo, 300 per week!

Dale raised $90 million from hedge funds and angel investors to take that company public… and ended up selling the company to a hedge fund.

Today, he is building a $30 million hard money fund – with funding from hedge funds – to capitalize on the real estate market as a funding source for other investors. You’ll get his fresh take on how to handle getting hard money. 


The Top SEC Attorney West Of The Mississippi

Top SEC Attorney is one of the top for real estate transactions in the West. When you come to the Summit, you’ll get exclusive access to ask your questions.

Are you SEC compliant in your “private money getting? We’ve found that 3 of 5 investors are violating SEC rules and subjecting themselves to potential fines and actions!

You’ll discover what you need to do to stay SEC compliant when getting private money… everything from A-Z will be covered. And he’ll be there to answer your questions throughout the weekend.

The cool thing is... we've done the searching for you... so if you're looking for a top notch SEC attorney... just chat w/ our attorney at the event and work with him.

Whether you’re a smaller investor who wants to recruit a couple hundred thousand dollars in private money… or a bigger investor recruiting tens of millions…

This material DESERVES YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION for any serious real estate investor using private money in their real estate business.

In short, you’ll have exclusive access to our amazing attorney… this alone is worth the cost of the system when you think about the attorney fees you’ll save.

Now that you’ve met the “Underground” presenters and your hosts for this awesome event… let’s take a look at exactly what you’ll learn to instantly boost your business…

Here’s A Sneak Peek At Some More
Of What You’ll Discover… So You Can Start
Getting More Money To Fund YOUR Deals

The secrets our elite team of under-the-radar investors are dishing out are going to be incredible.

For instance, you’ll discover…

  • • How to avoid the main mistake most investors are making right now that could hand you an SEC cease and desist letter and/or thousands in fines…
  • • The proper way to structure your business to protect yourself… and set a solid legal foundation for all of your “private money getting.
  • • The exact legal documents you MUST file with the state… and who must file these documents (Hint: Not everyone needs to do this, but there’s a good chance you do).
  • • Why a private money loan IS a security… and why that shouldn’t scare you.
  • • What documents you NEED to give to your private lender in order to stay SEC compliant… and exactly what they NEED to say.
  • • Who should set up a private money pool… and how to structure it for long-term success and growth in your real estate investing business.
  • • When to approach hedge funds (and when NOT to) for real estate deals.
  • • What specific types of real estate deals hedge funds are looking for… and why hedge fund financing is WAY different than private money.
  • • What you should and shouldn’t say and bring to a meeting with a hedge fund board. This can make the difference between getting funds and getting booted out of the door.
  • • How to “sell” your deals to hedge funds in a way that helps you build credibility and gets them to write you big checks.
  • • Where to find the hedge funds who give money for real estate deals and how to reach the decision makers.
  • • The “secret phrase” that instantly builds credibility with a hedge fund manager.
  • • Why hedge funds NEED savvy investors to bring them deals… AND why they’re willing to pay big bucks for referrals.

Access The Complete

"Getting The Money"   Bootcamp

on Your Computer Screen

Getting The Money Bootcamp

The Foundation of Easily Getting Private Money  
Goals & The Right Investment Strategy  
Structuring Deals, Advanced Psychology & Negotiations  
Private Money Through Public Records  
Internet PM Lead Strategies & Are You An Entrepreneur?
Advanced PM Strategies: Syndication 101  
Syndication 201, Deal Analysis, Structure, and Documentation  
Underground Investor Panel and Q & A  
Master Your Success  
Real Life Example: "How I Acquired 2100 Multi-Family Units In 2 Years Starting From 0"
Syndication Part 3- Marketing, Operations, and Winding Up  
How To Stay SEC Compliant In Today’s Environment
Self Directed IRAs As An Investment Tool  
How I Raised $90million From Hedge Funds For Real Estate Deals  
Using Lines of Credit and Hedge Funds


Invest Now Fund Deals Forever  

Only a small one-time payment of $297, imagine, if you’d have known there would ever be a time when you could unlock every possible “money getting” strategy for just a small one-time payment, you’d be willing to invest just about anything, huh.  Not necessary, $297 will do, invest now, fund deals forever just one payment gets you over $100 Million of Funded Deals Experience straight from the trenches of real-life ACTIVE Investors, put it to work for  you, now.

  • • How to build your own multi-million dollar “line of credit” through hedge funds.
  • • What “syndication” really is and how to determine if it’s right for you.
  • • How to structure a syndication (including the proper paperwork) so you and your equity partners are always protected.
  • • How to approach potential equity partners with a deal so they instantly want to know where to sign.
  • • How you can get upfront profits by putting together a deal (usually 1-3% of the purchase price) and how to get monthly cash-flow and equity without putting any (or very little) of your own money up. You play deal maker… and profit big.
  • • How to acquire small, medium, and larger apartment buildings using syndication… and where to find the equity partners who are actively looking for deals like this.
  • • The exact documents, disclosures, and legal protection you’ll need to close a deal with a private lender… forget just one and you could be opening yourself up for SEC scrutiny or a lawsuit from a lender.
  • • What should be included in your disclosures to protect you and give your lenders comfort at the time of the loan.
  • • What “wiggle room” you have legally with this paperwork… AND what you really should do with every single private money loan that most investors neglect.
  • • A great way to structure your “loan offerings” to potential lenders that builds credibility and interest in just one page. We’ll give you the loan offering template that we use for our business so you can use it too.
  • • What is a “subscription agreement”… and why most investors fail miserably when it comes to using one. But watch out: Some SEC attorneys say you NEED one.
  • • The proper step-by-step checklist you need to follow when closing deals. You’ll get the exact checklist we use so you can make sure every step is completed on every deal.
  • • How to effectively follow-up with your private lenders after you close a deal… during the timeline of the note, and at payoff to provide an over the top customer experience. Your lenders will keep coming back with more investment dollars for YOU… and soon they’ll refer their friends and family. (You’ll even get our special payoff letter that gets referrals like crazy).
  • • How to effectively educate people with IRA’s on the opportunities of private lending in real estate… and why now is the time to move their investment dollars.
Getting The Money Bootcamp

Add to Cart Now

Invest Now Fund Deals Forever –

Only a small one-time payment of $297, imagine, if you’d have known there would ever be a time when you could unlock every possible “money getting” strategy for just a small one-time payment, you’d be willing to invest just about anything, huh.  Not necessary, $297 will do, invest now, fund deals forever just one payment gets you over $100 Million of Funded Deals Experience straight from the trenches of real-life ACTIVE Investors, put it to work for  you, now.  

  • • Where can you find people with IRA’s that are eager to find great investment opportunities.
  • • How to build credibility with the heavy hitters in large commercial dealseven as an  “upstart” investor who’s never closed a big apartment deal before.
  • • Why getting funding for large properties is often as easy as getting funding for an 8-unit building (Hint: It’s all in how well you buy… Mr. X. will show you how).
  • • The “one-two” funding punch Mr. X. uses to acquire many properties that most small-time investors try to avoid… but has put huge profits and millions in equity in his pocket in the last few years
  • • How to build credibility with lenders, banks, and private lenders using the media… even if you’ve never done a big deal…
  • • How most investors who try to make the jump from small commercial (or single family) to large multi-family miss the mark… here’s how to avoid making the single biggest mistake they make.
  • • How you can get low interest financing, or sometimes “free money” grants to pay for large chunks of certain types of real estate deals.

Getting The Money Bootcamp

Add to Cart Now 

Invest Now Fund Deals Forever –

Only a small one-time payment of $297, imagine, if you’d have known there would ever be a time when you could unlock every possible “money getting” strategy for just a small one-time payment, you’d be willing to invest just about anything, huh.  Not necessary, $297 will do, invest now, fund deals forever just one payment gets you over $100 Million of Funded Deals Experience straight from the trenches of real-life ACTIVE Investors, put it to work for  you, now.

  • • How to use Internet (both free and low cost) tools to present in real-time to private lenders across the country… and what NOT to do when you do this.
  • • Specific lead capture page (aka: “squeeze page”) templates and copy that have been tested and proven to work really well in converting private lenders to leads online…You’ll get specific examples of pages and campaigns I’m running right now!
  • • A 5-step lead generation campaign that you can program into your website so it walks your private lender prospects through your “credibility and conversion” funnel automatically while you sleep.
  • • How to optimize your website the RIGHT WAY for traffic getting using search terms that actual private lenders are typing into Google right now… Most people are doing this wrong. This tip alone is worth over $1,000 – trust me!
  • • What can AND can’t be on your “private lender” website according to the SEC… and how to get compliant within 30 minutes.

There’s so much more you’ll discover when you relive the “Getting The Money” Bootcamp… all designed to help you get more money so you can take your business to the next level...



So, I’m sure you’re wondering… “Why is it less than $300 for The Getting The Money Bootcamp, Anyway?”

I’ll be honest with you, we might as well be giving this away…it’s too cheap, really.

But, we pride ourselves on giving as much value as possible to our students, and, well, the event is already over, we made our money and had fun.  So, we look at this as a total bonus, so we’ve decided to make it a win/win for You and us, by letting a few Investors gain access to this powerful training collection and “get the money”!!! By making the investment less expensive than I first imagined it would be.  Besides, we know after you put just a few of the “get the money” strategies to work for you, you’ll be funding deals faster than you’ve thought possible, you’ll have success and you’ll be coming back to us for lots more.

Right now, today, you can get access to the “Getting The Money” Bootcamp and the Secret “Underground” Faculty that’s altogether gotten over $100 million in unconventional funds for deals… for just one payment of $297.

Rest assured this is your ONLY chance to ever here these investors… they are simply too busy kicking butt in their own businesses everyday to ever end up on some speaking circuit, and they certainly aren’t interested in creating some product of their own.

They spoke at our Event as a personal favor for us and for You, our students.

Think about it, if you can get just small percentage of their knowledge and use it effectively – even just 1% – how much would that be worth to you?

Would it boost your business by $100,000… $500,000… or even $1,000,000 this year?

The short answer is, yes, it could, it will.

Invest Now Fund Deals Forever –

Only a small one-time payment of $297, imagine, if you’d have known there would ever be a time when you could unlock every possible “money getting” strategy for just a small one-time payment, you’d be willing to invest just about anything, huh.  Not necessary, $297 will do, invest now, fund deals forever just one payment gets you over $100 Million of Funded Deals Experience straight from the trenches of real-life ACTIVE Investors, put it to work for  you, now.   

We could have easily charged $1,000 for this training collection... but we’ve decided to charge a more reasonable price of Just One Payment of $297.

Heck, that’s not that much more than a few nights out on the town, a month of lattes at Starbucks or a couple dinner and movie dates…and it’s darn sure a better use of your money than any of those other things.  Besides after all you are smart to be investing here on your education, because it’ll actually MAKE YOU MONEY…

Invest now – fund deals forever.

Then you can afford all the dates, starbucks, or whatever your little heart desires.

Plus (and of course), you have our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

I guess the question is, can you afford not to have access to the “Getting The Money” Bootcamp?  Rather, how long do you want to stay stuck in a rut, frustrated, unable to get the money you need to make your real estate investing dreams – REALITIES!

What you will miss if you choose not to invest, to stay the same, to live life in the “what if” constant state of disappointment and wishing…

I’ll tell you –

You’ll be missing out on Millions
($???,000,000’s!) in funds for your deals.



Invest Now Fund Deals Forever –

Only a small one-time payment of $297, imagine, if you’d have known there would ever be a time when you could unlock every possible “money getting” strategy for just a small one-time payment, you’d be willing to invest just about anything, huh.  Not necessary, $297 will do, invest now, fund deals forever just one payment gets you over $100 Million of Funded Deals Experience straight from the trenches of real-life ACTIVE Investors, put it to work for  you, now.

To your success,

And The PMBP Entire Team

BIG, IMPORTANT PS: I’ve decided to include – FREE – A SEMI-PRIVATE “GETTING THE MONEY” COACHING SESSION WITH ME. Consider it a reward for your fast action…when you invest today, You’ll immediately notified of a private 4 Week Tele-Coaching FAST START Session where I’ll personally walk you through your “Getting The Money” System and sharing with you what to do 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on.

Basically, it’s like getting me as your personal “get the money” guide.  That reason alone to invest, wouldn’t ya say!?!

Getting The Money Bootcamp

Add to Cart Now

How beneficial can such a “quick” coaching session be? Well, my private clients in my Private Coaching Group pay from $10,000 to $25,000 a year, to get personal access to me, and most renew year after year. I get right to the heart of the matter. I focus on actionable strategy. In this case, you’ll gain from my personal experience having been through, constructed, and of course actually met with every single Expert we have in the Getting The Money System. I know what you need to know and exactly where you need to start, and I’ll be prepared to give you experience-based, personal advice.

PPS: The cliché’ “Time Waits For No One” is doubly true here. First, about YOUR LIFE.  Do you know what this number is? 77.5. The average life expectancy for an American male. Deduct your present age. Deduct hours that add up to years for sleeping, eating, defecating, errand running, standing in lines and whatever else of ordinary life you find unavoidable. What’s left is what you’ve got left. Now, how much of that shockingly small number will you sacrifice to results in your real estate investing business you dislike, work you find unfulfilling, deals or lack thereof that you find frustrating, worrying over money?  Each day you postpone and delay and waffle over change makes the number you have left, less.  Second, about this offer. IF YOU HESITATE, you may be locked out entirely. RESPOND IMMEDIATELY.  Your “Get The Money”  is waiting.


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